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Money is not the most important thing in our life, but it does touch so many aspects of it. I believe you can use your money to live a life that you enjoy, but only if it is managed right! 

Unfortunately, we were not taught how to manage our money growing up.
I am on a mission to change that! How?


The Create Your Plan

Budgeting Course

In This Course You Will :

Yesterday my car battery went out! An almost $300 unexpected expense.... but guess what!!! Because of what Kristina taught me, I WAS PREPARED!!!! I didn't have to put it on a credit card and I was able to get my car fixed without any additional stress!!! THANK YOU KRISTINA!!!!!!
Christina G.

Who Is This Course For?

This self-paced course is for you if you:

What's Included?

This self-paced course contains 5 modules:

Module 1

Let's Get Organized

Get organized and see a clear picture of your finances. You’ll go over 60+ expenses to make sure you don’t miss anything! Everyone has monthly and annual expenses. 

Module 2

Manage Your Money

Learn a proven and effective money management system. A simple cycle to help you manage your money. This will help alleviate your stress around your finances.

Module 3

Refining Your Plan

Apply what you learned about managing your money to your current numbers. Then refine your plan to better help you reach your goals.

Module 4

Crushing Your Goals

Learn some common financial goals and which one you should focus on first. Then learn different ways to reach some of your goals.

Module 5

You Created Your Plan

With your plan complete you can start crushing your financial goals! Then learn how you can gain momentum and faster results!


A Bonus Module:

Planning Ahead With Your Budget

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